Privacy Policy


As a provider of content we have a legal obligation to protect the privacy of all our users. This includes your personal data and browsing data obtained whilst you are using our website. This privacy policy explains what information we protect, what we use it for and how we keep it private. By using our website you agree with this privacy policy and the measures we take to keep your data safe.

At no point will we ever ask for credit card information. Any attempts to acquire this information should be reported immediately. Only PayPal will request this information when making a donation, a page that can only be accessed by clicking the Donate button in the menu on the right. If at any point you are asked for this information when browsing and you have not clicked the Donate button report it immediately.

Browsing Data

When browsing this website we collect important information that does two things: firstly, it records your browsing data so that we can track what pages you have visited in the event of any damage to our servers or in the event of being hacked. Secondly, it provides us with information to monitor and track the viewers of our site. This information is used to improve popular areas of the site and provide data for research purposes. This browsing data will never be shared with a third party.

Data collected includes but may not be limited to: your I.P. address, your browser type, your operating system, your connection type, your connection speed and the referring web page. This data is stored in an off-site database that can only be accessed by the site administrator.

The pages you browse in a single session are also recorded but this is used only to determine which sections of the website are most popular so that we can improve the popular parts of our site.

None of the above data will be shared with third parties.

User Accounts

When registering you must provide some personal information. This information will never be shared with third parties.

Personal details you add to your profile are added with the understanding that this information will be public to all viewers. If in doubt, do not add it. You also agree that any status updates made will be viewable by the general public browsing our page.

Any images you upload, including your avatar, will be public.

Private Messages

In very extreme circumstances it may be necessary for us to access and read private messages, such as in the case of law suits or legal action. Only in these extreme scenarios will we ever access or read private messages. There is no moderation panel for private messages - they can only be access by accessing the database directly on our web server. If you are uncomfortable with this, please refrain from using the private message system.


To help make browsing our website easier we save cookies. These save small bits of information on your computer, such as your login details to save you logging in on each visit. By logging accessing the website you grant us permission to save them to your computer.

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