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Our weekly column covers a few topis for the week as chosen by our community. If you're stuck or you have always wondered how to do something then you can send our @Stump account a message or post on our @StumpTheGiraffe Twitter Account using the hashtag #HelpMe.

All you have to do is write to us to tell us what your problem is and hopefully it'll feature in our next edition!


Our weekly help article is published once a week on Sunday afternoons and occasionally Monday mornings. New editions will appear in the Activity Stream and the archive; you can view the new and all previous editions by visiting the Help Articles Category Archive. If you're looking for something in particular be sure to try the search box in the top right of pages first before trawling through the archives!

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Each weekend we look through the requests made. We pick out two to four ideas, depending on the required write up, based on the following criteria in order: the amount of requests made on one topic, whether the topic has been covered before, the uniqueness of the topic. We will cover all topics related to designing and coding if we feel they are relevant to the coverage our website provides.

Before submitting a request please be sure to search the site using our search form. It could be the problem you are having has already been covered! In the event a topic has already been covered we will not cover it again unless significant follow up is necessary.

In the event your requested topic is used in one of our articles we'll mention you in the article and link viewers to our profile. If you do not wish this to happen please say so in your request.

Read all previous Help! Articles.

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