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Welcome (back) to Identify Design

Saturday March 31st, 2012 in Website News

The new look Identify Design is live with a plethora of additional features and a slick new design. Here we briefly explain what's new, how you can make the most of our new content and how our new community features will make you feel part of the crew. We'll also let you know what happened to the old site and where the posts have gone!

Our website is now using WordPress with the BuddyPress plugin. This means viewers can register and take advantage of a plethora of community based features. These include things like messaging, picture albums, friends list and friends messaging, a Twitter style @mention system. Simply put @username in your update with the username of the member you'd like to message and it will appear on their profile and in their notifications.

One of the best features of our new site is the groups and message boards features. Members can create their own groups and their own group message boards. Anybody can post on your group forums but you can set your group to private and only members of your group can see it. The main message board is sort of like the community noticeboard. Everyone can see it and everyone can post on it. We really want our members to be able to connect with each other as the biggest motivation when learning new skills is the support of peers!

About the Site

As with all new websites there will surely be plenty that isn't working properly. I have combed through the entire website and scoured every page to try and find as many errors as possible. I have a WordPress plugin running that records broken links but some will slip through the net. In the event you find any please do Contact Me so I can ammend it.

Our new template is slicker and more professional. I also believe it's easier to browse but that obviously comes down to personal preference. I recommend viewing this website in Firefox or Chrome as these are the two browsers I can confirm 100% compatability with. I have tried my very best to make sure the website functions properly in every browser but some graphical problems (specifically with Internet Explorer and its frustratingly low compatability with border radius and gradients) will persist; for the meantime, please make do with these if you insist on using older and less compatible browsers. I want to spend the majority of my time adding to our ever expanding library of content and not fixing minor problems with the layout.

I originally planned to launch the site in completion status; with a full glossary, a full beginners section and a large library of tutorials and articles. Unfortunately I reaised this was not a good idea as it would be weeks, potentially months, before the site was launched due to my time demands and obligations. Therefore I have decided to release the site as is and build it from the ground up with it live. I believe this will create a better community long term and remove the time stresses holding this project back from launch.

In the meantime we'll be working to add pages on a daily basis to both the glossary and with new posts and articles. If you want to help populate our glossary or you have some creative posts you'd like to share with us you can! Simply head to the Work for Us page and have a read through to see how you can add content to the site.

Archived Posts

All posts from our original website have been added to the database and then archived. These posts have titles prefixed with 'Archive' and contain a notice before the post content prompting the viewer. These posts are either out of date or in need of an overhaul. Since most of them can still be followed with the same results I have made the decision to move this down the jobs list. This frees up more time in the immediate future for adding definitions to the glossary and writing new posts.

The categorising of these old posts may also mismatch with our new category system. For now, please bear with this. It was impossible to follow our new category system and maintain the old links, something we have to do for search engine purposes. There may also be people with those posts bookmarked and I don't want to outdate their bookmarks. Integrity of your navigation structure is a very important thing even when dealing with three year old posts!

The old screenshots and preview images have been used on the old posts. Unfortunately none of the .PSD or .AI files are available; this is due to a peculiar error on my old server which deleted every .PSD and .AI file in the downloads folder. Rather than work through the old tutorials to create new files for download I have decided to add the downloads for old tutorials once they have been rewritten and remade. I apologise for any inconvenience this causes you at the moment and thank you for your patience. I sincerely appreciate how much easier it is to follow new techniques when you have a sample .PSD file to look at.

You will also notice all archived posts have me as the author. As the original authors have no user accounts I can't attribute the posts to you. Please do get in touch if you wrote the tutorial so we can properly source you.

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Archive: Identify Design Grand Opening

Monday May 18th, 2009 in Design Articles


This post is an archived post. This means it is old or has been archived for rewriting in the near future. Please be aware that the contents of this article or page may be out of date. If you need assistance be sure to leave comments and our community can help you.
After three months of hard work and coding, we're finally online! We've been working hard over the past few months to bring you an excellent design development resource, with plenty of coverage, tutorials, amusing articles and links to other great tutorial sites. I'd like to be the first to welcome you to Identify Design and I hope you enjoy your stay!
The main focus of Identify Design is to provide a quick, easy to use support solution to developers looking for quick answers. I'm a designer professionally myself and I know that a lot of the time, we don't have time to browse around for hours looking for help. That's why I decided to create this website. I've also learnt a lot in recent years about designing and online development and felt I'd share this knowledge with others.

To get underway, simply choose the category you're looking for help with and have a browse through our tutorials. If you can't find what you're looking for, be sure to browse through our links as well as some other talented designers and websites might have the tutorial you're looking for! The links are updated manually when viewers submit them.

If you're looking to exchange links, affiliate with us, contact me for whatever reason or you're looking to learn more about the site, visit About Identify Design. If you're a writer looking to host their tutorials on our website, or you're looking to get your tutorial added on as a link, visit Submit your Tutorials. If you're looking to just get in touch for whatever reason, use the form at Contact the Admin.

Also, if you happen to stumble upon an error or a bug, be sure to let me know with the Contact the Admin page!

That seems to be about all I can say before I begin boring you to death! Enjoy your stay at the site and I hope you find what you're looking for.